A website with the right features is a powerful marketing tool. It can help you attract new clients, engage them and make more sales. With the right features, it can help you predict problems and solve them before they happen, identify patterns and grow your brand. Below are the 7 core features every website should have.

  • Call to action

A call to action serves as a concise guide to website visitors on the action you want them to take. Usually, a call to action includes an action word/phrase to convey urgency, such as “buy now,” “sign up,” “shop today,” “register now,” “call us,” or “book appointment.” The best marketing campaign removes the friction between the prospect and the action you want that prospect to take. A clear and concise call to action accomplishes that.

  • Mobile-responsiveness

Mobile-responsiveness means a website should look great on mobile screens as it does on desktop screens. Every website should be optimised for mobile phones. This is especially so because more than 60% website visits come from mobile phones. Mobile phones have become powerful tools that people now stream movies, read books and buy online with them.

  • Clearly-defined navigation menu

This seems counter-intuitive but a great website should make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. To accomplish this, it must have a clearly defined navigation menu, with clear labels and links to relevant content. Some websites make the mistake of burying crucial information under stacks of information. If people visit your website, can they easily see product/service information, prices, testimonials and reviews? If not, then consider adding a clearer navigation menu.

  • Sharing options

The internet makes it easy to make content shareable and eventually go viral. This is a powerful tool in every business’ toolbox and should be capitalized on. Every great website should make it easy for people to share content like product information, articles and company profile to social media platforms.

  • Social Media Integration

Related to the above feature, is Social Media Integration. Integration with your social media accounts makes it easier for website visitors to go to social media platforms and follow campaigns there. In addition, it makes customer engagement and collection of customer feedback a breeze, which explains why including this feature, is a no brainer for businesses that want to use the internet to generate revenue.

  • Blog

Content is king. If you don’t have a blog you are missing out on the opportunity to educate and engage your customers. A blog is important for search engine ranking. Which explains why this is a feature that should be on every business website.

  • Payment Gateway

Do you sell products, make it easier for clients to opt in and pay for them. In addition to the catalogue, a great website should have a way for people to select products and pay for them

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