Does your business have a website and a digital strategy? Times have changed. Not so long ago, any small business could do just well by focussing on creating the best service or product. If happy, customers would spread the word and the business could be guaranteed of success. Though still important, focussing on creating products and services alone won’t cut it anymore. It’s not enough to focus on that alone in today’s business landscape.

Shifting landscape

The shifting business landscape (characterized by social media product reviews, instant feedback and increased customer engagement) call for a new game plan. Whatever a business does should be defined by this shift in consumer behaviour. This is the only way to grow and win in this highly-competitive environment.

Is a website for every business?

Having a responsive and beautiful website is a no-brainer for businesses that want to win in today’s competitive world. Every business should have website that tells its story and makes it convenient for customers to find information they are seeking. In designing the website, a business should avoid the common mistakes listed here.

There are many reasons why every business should have a website. This includes even those businesses that had traditionally shunned the internet with the belief that their clients do not search for products and services online. In this article, I will outline some of the reasons why every organisation that wants to win in the digital age should seriously consider having a website.

Brand Exposure

Customers rely on the internet to search for products and services. With internet connection becoming more affordable and reliable, this is likely going to be the norm for some time.The internet gives brands the opportunity to gain exposure to millions of potential clients. It removes all the constraints of time, geography, costs, – it’s far cheaper to run an online campaign compared to traditional advertisements. As the internet constantly evolves, so do the tools to reach people in every market across the world. Every business with a product or service that genuinely helps people can benefit from this exposure. A website allows prospective clients to know about the brand, what it offers and stands for, as they search for products and services online.

Offers convenience to customers

A good website offers convenience to customers. A good example is when a prospect hears about a company from an acquaintance, decides to go online and search for it. When done right, a website should provide convenience to clients. Some of the convenient things to be on a website include contact details, products, prices and quotation generator just to name a few.

Saves time

When designed well, a website helps automate some of the tasks different company departments perform. Features like quotation generator, products’ section, inquiry form and ‘about us’ page, can help clients get the information they need by going to the business’s website.

Generates revenue

With the shift towards ecommerce, a website can help a business to directly generate revenue from its digital presence. Its never been easier to embed secure payment gateways and directly receive payments from a business’s website.


Having a well-designed and search-engine optimized website is important. It can go a long way in helping a business to connect with clients and also save a lot in marketing dollars. Digital marketing has become a buzzword. It’s convenient and affordable. Most importantly, it works. A good website is the first step towards a winning digital marketing strategy. It helps companies connect, promote and sell without spending thousands of dollars or investing a lot of time.

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