How To Turn Your Website Into A Sales Machine

What is the ideal purpose of a website? For a business, a website should bring in leads and drive revenue growth. It should get people to talk about the brand. It must be a sales machine. This is not the case with most websites that we see. At best they are just an extended business profile. Customers visit them to ... Read More

Why Most Digital Transformation Projects Fail?

Over 70% digital transformation projects fail. This means that the vast majority of companies and teams that set out to go digital don’t succeed. Their attempts at digitally transforming their companies don’t produce the expected results and eventually companies end up giving up on such. What causes these staggering failure rates? Why do only few companies make it to the digital Promised ... Read More

Why Every Business Needs A Website

Does your business have a website and a digital strategy? Times have changed. Not so long ago, any small business could do just well by focussing on creating the best service or product. If happy, customers would spread the word and the business could be guaranteed of success. Though still important, focussing on creating products and services alone won’t cut ... Read More

How To Get Your Website On Google’s First Page

The internet offers countless opportunities for businesses. It enables businesses to gain exposure and drive revenue growth. To gain exposure it’s important that a business‘s website is found on the first page of search engine results. When searching for products and services, people rarely go beyond the first page. Just think about this, when was the last time you visited ... Read More