5 Common Web Design Mistakes Businesses Make

A website is a powerful tool that a business can use to put its message across and connect with its clients. When done right, a website’s purpose should go beyond just promoting a business’s products and services. It should do more. It should generate leads, engage clients and sell a company’s products and services. A well-designed website is such a powerful tool ... Read More

7 Features Every Website Should Have

A website with the right features is a powerful marketing tool. It can help you attract new clients, engage them and make more sales. With the right features, it can help you predict problems and solve them before they happen, identify patterns and grow your brand. Below are the 7 core features every website should have. Call to action A ... Read More

Change Management & Digital Transformation

How does your organisation deal with change? Does it find it hard to embrace change because it’s still hanging on to tradition? It’s our nature as human beings to want to stick to the things that have always worked for us. The biggest stumbling block when attempting to introduce change in organisations is the sentiment, ‘but this is how we ... Read More